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In Vietnam, we have designed Wastewater Treatment Projects in a large variety of industrial manufacturing, specialized in electronic devices, automotive components, and rubber products processing… The effluent can meet the highest requirements in treated wastewater discharge of Vietnamese Standard and also be discharged directly to local river/channels without further treatment.

Our wastewater treatment products are as follows:

 Heavy Metal Treatment System

Treatment system can be selected for high removal of various heavy metals. The treated wastewater can be discharged under a regulation requirement. The system can be designed to consume a compact installation area with less chemical consumption and less sludge production with environment.

• Nutrient Removal System

• Activated Sludge Treatment System

With our long realizable experience on the activated sludge treatment system, we have our own expert engineering team to serve and adjust the system. High efficient at diffuser has been developed to serve the various organic loading with minimize the electrical consumption. Flexibility and stability of system is also investigated for easy operation and maintenance.

• Membrane Separation Activated Sludge System

The system is the combination of membrane technology and simply activated sludge treatment. By the advance technique, the required installation area is minimized to serve the high organic loading. We also selected the special high quality membrane for along lifetime and to produce the high quality of the treated waste.

• Anaerobic Treatment System

• Advance Oxidation Treatment System

We are prompt to offer an advance oxidation treatment technology as an alternative system to treat high impurity matters which are difficult to remove by a conventional method. The treatment is also advantage in term of an installation area, a sludge production and an operation cost minimization.

• Dissolved Air Flotation System

With our high effective dissolved air floatation system, the constant small fine bubbles are produced to reach the highest treatment purpose. The dissolved oil will removed with lower energy consumption. The full automatic operation system leads the less maintenance to obtain the high treatment performance

• Oil Removal

Our oil removal system is aim to treat various kinds of oil components which easy for periodical maintenance. We are offer various compact types of oil removal system to serve all kinds of oil wastewater depended on production lines.

• Cyanide Removal

Our system performs high cyanide removal efficiency. With the present of toxic cyanide matter, the treatment system will be designed for safety in all stages. 

The solutions we have delivered