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To ensure your confidence, our operation and maintenance team maintains and focuses on high quality, expertise and professional experience to optimize operation to reach its efficiency. We also conduct training based on the complexity of the systems and provide comprehensive provision of manuals and documentation to assure proper operation and maintenance of the facilities or equipments. As the need of each operation requirement is unique, we realize each one and customize our operation and maintenance solution to help you minimize cost, waste, and impact on the environment, while maximing your operation efficiency, safety standard, productivity, and quality.

Our services are as follows:

 • Periodical general inspection.

Inspect, maintain, repair measuring tools…to extend the longevity of equipment. 

It is necessary to inspect daily and periodically the longevity of water and wastewater treatment equipment.

Of course for care, it is a must to inspect periodically to find out, repair intime the abnormality of machines as soon as possible, make plan to replace with new parts, ensure effective and safe management for equipment.

• Cleaning for membranes, Filtering media, etc..:

Although RO osmosis membrane is used to prevent bacterium, it will be stranded so it needs cleaning periodically. In case the osmosis membrane is installed in the workshop, the staff of the company will have a survey and clean RO osmosis membrane for customers.

In case of absent RO osmosis membrane or the filter of the factory has not been improved, they can be taken to our company for being cleaned.

• Regeneration of ion exchange resin, etc.• Replacement consumption parts.

Install, replace water and wastewater treatment tool and equipment with new one etc. help to manage plant and equipment for customers.

Periodic check once to twice every month, make plan to replace with new equipment due to the result of inspection.

• Consultancy for operation, etc.

• Plant Operation Management.