Garment & Textile

In garment and dyeing industry in Vietnam, which is attracting a lot of attention from FDI (foreign direct investment) companies, the management of wastewater treatment at factories is an extremely important factor for stable production.
In particular, since the wastewater from dyeing factories has color, it may give strong impression of pollution. Also there are many concerns from neighbors that it may cause pollution of water environment. Obtaining an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) is a high hurdle for establishment of the factory.
Dyes, which are colorants, detect very high amount as color, even at low concentrations. Therefore, it is necessary to build a wastewater treatment plant with a high decolorizing effect that removes low-concentration components. Also since huge amount of wastewater generated from the factory, a treated water recycling plant has large demand. Based on many testing and experiences, we have not only advanced wastewater treatment plants that combine coagulation separation treatment, biological treatment, and AOPs (Advanced Oxidation Processes), but also recycling water treatment plants that uses treated water again in the production line.