Shopping mall & Hotel

Wastewater discharged from restaurants in shopping malls and kitchens in hotels contains a much amount of organic substances such as Oil & Grease, and tends to have a high environmental impact.
In addition, because the amount of wastewater discharged per day fluctuates largely on weekdays and holidays, we believe it is important to building a stable treatment plant that the data based on the actual experiences and the understanding of local residents’ lifestyles. Since 2013, we have been accumulating achievements in Vietnam, taking advantage of the provision of wastewater treatment plants for shopping malls.
We also provide rainwater filtration plants for waterscapes, water treatment plants that meet Vietnam’s drinking standards, and Operation & Maintenance services after opening.
In the future, Vietnam will have more types of commercial facilities such as hotels and office buildings to meet the needs of the local community. We will respond flexibly in the field of water treatment.