Domestic wastewater treatment Plant

In Vietnam under economic development, there is an urgent need to improve the sewerage system against the background of increasing domestic wastewater due to population concentration in urban areas. However, the penetration rate of sewerage is still low at 20% even in urban areas, and there is a fact that primary treatment of domestic wastewater is indispensable in condminiums, commercial facilities, factories, etc. In addition, some National technical regulation by the Vietnamese government set stricter control values than Japan’s discharge regulations such as total nitrogen and ammonia. It is necessary to design in accordance with local regulations. Based on the introduction record of more than 110 in Vietnam, we can provide Domestic Waste Water Treatment Plant with advanced treatment of reinforced concrete tanks for customers with large displacement such as large shopping centers, hotels and restaurants. For small capacity with around 35 m3 / day or less, we can provide a packaged Jokaso made of FRP that can be easily installed in a short period of time.