Water Treatment Plant

We highlight our expertise in providing water treatment systems and facilities for fundamental industries. Our treatment systems are designed to effectively save cost by producing minimal wastewater and optimizing chemical usage.

Clarification System

With the unique technology to combine coagulation tank and sedimentation tank in one tank, suspended solid will be removed with high efficiency from the incoming water. Less chemical consumption can be served to produce a high volume of cleared water. The system is also advantage in term of sludge production minimization.

Filtration System

High filtration rate with various kinds of filtration media will be selected to optimize the filtering water. Tank design with compact style is easy and prompt to filtrate and backwash stage.

Softening System

Since Hardness Water has caused difficulties to many industries, restaurants, laundry, households and others, Softener Unit is considered as an ideal solution to reduce efficiently the hardness content in raw water and also save in large amount of chemical substances and energy in the application for people. Goshu Kohsan (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. has been providing many of Softener Units to a vast number of customers in industrial fields.

Adsorption System

The specific selected adsorption media will be used after laboratory experimental test to match the media with the actual incoming water. High filtration rate is also applied to compact the filter tank size

Demineralization System

We offer various types of demineralization system to various kinds of demineralized water supply purpose. The demineralized water can be produced with constant water quality and quantity. The system is considered to minimize the chemical and regenerated waste together with easy plant operation and maintenance.

Reverse Osmosis System (RO)

RO is one step in a water treatment process that can remove Salt, TDS, Total Hardness, Fluoride ion… with the highest effects. Inheriting 20 year experiences in studying RO system of the mother company GOSHU KOHSAN, we have provided designs and installations for many plants in Vietnam with a variety of applications. Moreover, with engineering expertise in design, operation and maintenance we can satisfy your requirement with excellent quality and reliability.

Mixed Bed Polishing System

We can offer the specific resin to match the various types of polishing purpose. The system is designed to guarantee the high grade of ultrapure water with a long term constant water conduction rate.

Ultra Pure Water System

We design and construct ultrapure water system with a specific resistance value of 17.2 MΩ.cm or more, which has the highest level of cleanliness. In addition to resistivity, we also can provide a plant corresponding to the required water quality such as TOC, particles, and endotoxin-free.

Condensate Polishing System

Condensate polishing is an important part of water treatment for any utility or industrial power generating system. This includes fossil-fuels and nuclear power generation facilities using recirculation drum-type boilers and one-through stream generators. In these facilities, stream from the boiler passes through a series of turbines where it expends most of its energy. The low-pressure stream is then in a heat exchanger system where it is recovered in hot wells and routed to storage tanks. The condensed water or “condensate” is recycled back to the boiler and converted into stream again. Recovering and recycling the return condensate is an obvious way to significantly reduce the cost of operation.

Membrane Treatment System

Various type of membrane can be served to produce clear water in many membrane applications. We also provide the best pre-treatment to protect the membrane and extend the membrane lifetime. In addition, electric power consumption is also minimized too.

Disinfection System

We provide many kinds of disinfection system; UV, Ozone, Chlorine and etc. We select the standardized equipment to make sure that our system is safe and effective to reach the various disinfection purposes.