Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics

The non-chemical usage in water purification is more required for pharmaceutical industry due to the safety and environmental concerns. The technologies for water treatment such as filtration, disinfection, deionization, ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis membrane, etc. are applied for water purification stage. We can provide the non-chemical approach disinfection system in water treatment such as ozonation and ultraviolet irradiation, instead of such traditional method with chlorine.

The pollution discharges in the pharmaceutical industry consist mainly of halogenated solvents, non-halogenated solvents, organic chemicals, natural products, biomass, oxidizers, acids, and bases from chemical processes including chemical synthesis, natural product extraction, fermentation, and formulation. We can eliminate such wastes by using the chemical and biological treatment systems such as anaerobic and activated sludge systems. The submerged type membrane unit has also a potential capability to treat the waste to meet the environmental regulation.

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